Families & Kids

Whether you're soon-to-be-parents or a teeenager ready to babysit, we've got classes to keep you and your family prepared for that next step in life.  Many of these classes are offered as part of our partnership with St. Louis Children's Hospital.  

Prenatal Classes

These classes are for families preparing to welcome a new baby!  With all the excitement surrounding this time, we're happy to help the whole family get ready. 

Please call 928.WELL to register for these classes.

02/21  Pre K Sibling Class    

02/22  Kindergarten-5th Grade Sibling Class     

03/01  Breast-Feeding Basics    

03/11  Preparation for Childbirth (Saturday Fast Track)    

03/29-04/19  Preparation for Childbirth (4 week class)    

04/04  Pre K Sibling Class    

04/05  Kindergarten-5th Grade Sibling Class  

(online) Prep for childbirth     



For the toddler and elementary school kids looking to learn more about healthy habits.  Parents should join in on the fun with their kids!  

02/11 Little Medical School - All about the Heart    

03/07 Grow Your Reader 

03/18 Little Medical School - Medications Working    

04/15 Little Medical School - CPR and Heimlich Maneuver    



For those 15 years of age and older who are ready to take on more responsibilites, these class will teach some important skills about safety.  Parents or care givers are welcome to attend as well. 

These classes are offered through a partnership with St. Louis Children's Hospital.  Please call 636.344.KIDS to register for these classes.

03/04 Babysitting 101    

03/22 Staying Home Alone    

04/22 Babysitting 101    


The Whole Family

Bring the whole family to thees classes that focus on health and wellness.  

These classes are offering through a partnership with St. Louis Children's Hosptial.  Please call 636.344.KIDS to register for these classes.

01/26 – 05/18 (Thursdays) ‚ÄčHead to Toe    

02/21  Family and Friends CPR Class    

02/28  Beyond "Because I said so!"    

04/12  Pediatric First Aid Basics    

04/25  Family and Friends CPR Class    

By appointment  Safety Stop Helmet Check    

By appointment  Safety Stop Car Seat Check    

By appointment Safety Stop Home Safety Consult    


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