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Heart Health - When to call 911

Yvette Frazier (Supervisor of Cardiac Services BJSPH)

Laurisa M 4

Yvette Frazier, supervisor of cardiac services at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, talks about the importance of dialing 911 and getting emergency help when you have signs and symptoms of a heart attack. 


Cancer Prevention

Karen Hampel and Kelly Tschannen, Siteman Cancer Center at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital

Scott Beck 49

In this Ask the Expert program, Karen Hampel and Kelly Tschannen from Siteman Cancer Center discuss what we can do to help prevent cancer and the new features of the recently-expanded Siteman location at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital.

Weight management class for kids

Head toToe class teaches families how to form healthy habits

Laurisa M 89

Setting goals, exercising regularly and healthy eating all make a positive impact on a child’s self-esteem. So, we’re here to help your entire family get on the right path.

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