The Journey to Joint Replacement

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Joint problems usually begin in mid- to late life. If you’re someone who plays sports, you might notice you can’t get out on the court or the field anymore. Maybe you’re unable to keep up with your family and friends when you travel, or you’re just slowing down in general. This could be from pain, tiredness or weakness in your joint or leg. While there are many ways to treat joint problems, sometimes a joint replacement is the best option.

Keeping You Safe

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You did your part by staying home. You stayed home for yourself and your family, for your neighbors, for our community and for us, your health care team. For that, we at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters and Progress West Hospitals thank you, and now, it’s time to put your health first again.

Shoulder Health and Surgery

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What's important in keeping your shoulders healthy?  When's the right time to have surgery?  Our expert tackles some of the frequently asked questions about shoulders and surgery.  

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