Reaching out to an old friend

BJC St. Charles County hospitals sends care package to Las Vegas hospital

Laurisa M 97

A few months before the Las Vegas shooting, former PWH Patient Care Services Manager Kathy Donovan took a job as the chief operating officer for Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center -- the closest trauma center to the concert site.   After the tragedy, our current doctors and nurses reached out to help their former leader and her new team.

Wellness for Women

Cory Miller, MD

Scott Beck 34

In this Ask the Expert program, Dr. Cory Miller breaks down what's involved in women's wellness exams and the importance of focusing on the whole wellness of women’s health during an annual visit. 

Exercise and Injury Prevention

Matthew Melander, DO

Scott Beck 115

Are there certain foods and beverages that help you in preparation for and recovery from exercise?  Is it better to exercise first thing in the morning or late at night?  In this Ask the Expert program, Dr. Matthew Melander discusses the many benefits of exercise and steps to take to prevent injury while exercising.

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