Vaccine Myths

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Immunizations have been a hot topic recently. With different information floating around, it can be difficult to know what to trust. John Paul Shoup, MD, a BJC Medical Group internal medicine and pediatric physician, sorts fact from fiction to help you make healthy decisions for yourself and your family.

Aging in Health

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As we age, our health begins to decline. Oftentimes, this can be managed by a primary care physician; however, some older patients with complex health issues might benefit more from being cared for by a geriatrician. 

Breast Cancer Surgery

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Breast surgery is becoming more and more common.  However, it's still a major procedure and can be scary for some patients.  Dr. Laurel Yeager, from Benrus Surgical Associates at Barnes-Jewish St. Peters Hospital, talks about breast surgery and the treatment process involved with a surgical procedure.


Pediatric Emergencies

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As a parent, it can be scary when your child is sick or hurt. Sometimes it’s difficult to determine what level of care is most appropriate — scheduling an appointment with their pediatrician or heading to the emergency room (ER). Pediatric specialist Lauren Moran, MD, sheds some light on when to take your child to the ER and what to expect when you get there.

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